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Employment Opportunities

If you are looking for a great teaching opportunity to impact our online learning community, BMA would be your ideal choice. Not only do we offer a generous rate of pay that's higher than most of the music studios, but also bonuses are available for awarding those who help students achieve in RCM exams, music competitions and auditions.

As of September 2023, BMA is looking for teachers specialized in:

  • piano (beginner, elementary, intermediate and advanced levels)


  • A Bachelor's Degree specialized in music or ARCT Diploma in the instruments stated above

  • Experience in teaching music with students of all ages

  • Experience in helping students preparing RCM exams

  • Able to suit students' needs in music learning

  • Have a strong working ethic and punctuality

  • Have a systematic teaching philosophy

If you are interested in working with us, please send your resume and cover letter to lessons@bmamusic.caSelected candidates will be contacted to schedule an online interview and a 15-minute trial lesson.

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Contact Us

Address: Unit #13, 155 East Beaver Creek, Richmond Hill, L4B 2N1


Tel: 647-892-8112 (Text Only)

© 2020 by Brilliance Music Academy

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