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Brilliance Music Academy Policies

1. Equipment and Lessons Policy

  • All students will require their music instrument(s) at home for their instrumental lessons and daily practicing.

  • For piano students, an acoustic piano (tuned once per year) is recommended; however, a touch-sensitive keyboard with 88 keys plus proper foot pedals will suffice for beginners.

  • Students taking string instruments (violin, guitar, ukulele, etc.) online lessons should guarantee that their instruments are tuned before the lesson. Parents are responsible for learning tuning with the instructions the teachers provide.

  • All students will need a metronome, purchased at BMA or downloaded for free as an app on any smartphone or tablet.

  • It is important to provide a quiet learning environment for students. Whether the lesson is taken at the studio, student’s home, or online, students’ family members are responsible for keeping quiet around the learning space to help students focus and learn effectively.

2. Tuition Policy

  • Students who take individual lessons must make their tuition payments to BMA every three months, based on the number of lessons each month. An invoice reminder will be sent to the students or parents before the second last lesson and reserve a scheduled lesson time.

  • For the students who take a group course, a $50 non-refundable deposit must be paid to BMA upon registration to reserve the seat. The remaining balance must be paid before the first group class starts.

  • Tuition payments can be made by cash, cheque, money order, and e- transfer.

3. Practice Policy

  • Practice is necessary to prepare for each lesson by making weekly progress in all parts of the assignments. This requires a daily practice commitment. It is very important to spread practice out over several days of the week, even if it is only for a few minutes each day during busy weeks. Skipping several days of practice in a row will mean having to re-learn music and stall progress!

Most children achieve positive results as follows:

Beginner – level 3: 30 minutes daily

Levels 4 – 6: 45 minutes daily

Level 6+: 1 hour daily


4. Cancellation, Make-up Lessons, and Refund Policy

  • All tuition fees are non-refundable but can be used for books and products purchase and transferred to other instrument learning (a $20 administration fee will be applied).

  • All the students are entitled to have two cancellations every three months. Make-up lessons are encouraged and are available to be arranged in the next six months. There's no guarantee that make-up lessons will be conducted by the regular teacher.

  • If the notice of absence is not received, no make-up lesson is available. A refund for a group class is not available. If a student encounters any emergency and cannot attend the whole course, please contact BMA to reschedule for the next session.

  • If a student decides to take a long-term suspension or termination, they must inform us in advance of no less than 30 days of the suspension/termination date.

  • BMA reserves the right to cancel any lesson or class at any time with advance notice. Make-up lessons or classes will be rescheduled afterwards.

5. Referral, Rewards, and Scholarships Policy

  • BMA will reward credits to anyone who refers BMA to a new student. Upon the successful registration between the new student you referred and BMA, you will be awarded $20 credits immediately.

  • Any student who won a place at any music competition while studying at BMA will be rewarded hierarchical credits as recognition; the details are as below:

First Place / Gold Award $50

Second Place / Silver Award $20

Third Place / Bronze Award $10

  • Any student who passed RCM practical exams with a score above 80 while studying at BMA will be rewarded hierarchical credits as recognition; the details are as below:

90 and above $50

85-89 $15

80-84 $5

  • All the BMA students will be automatically enrolled in BMA events for the opportunity to be granted our annual BMA scholarship plan for $150. The students’ instructors will have the right to nominate their students as scholarship nominees according to their musical yearly achievements and improvements at the end of the school year. The scholarship winner(s) will be selected upon the final evaluation of the nominees. The school year begins in September and ends at the end of August of the following calendar year. The winner of the scholarship will be rewarded by the end of August.

6. Public Relations Policy

  • BMA may use any forms of media (including pictures, videos, etc.) taken at BMA and BMA events to promote BMA's official website and BMA's official social media platforms. Requests for not using the media for the students themselves are available with when the students/parents sign the relevant form with BMA.

  • BMA may regularly interview any BMA students and/or parents based on the students’ learning progress and achievements. The interview process will be recorded and published on BMA's official website and BMA's official social media platforms.

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