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Why BMA Is Your Ultimate Choice

BMA is dedicated to creating a professional and friendly environment for all our cared ones. To maintain our teaching quality, BMA has been conducting the following policies to make sure our students' best learning experience.

1.    Hire experienced and qualified teachers
All the BMA teachers hold a degree or diploma in the field of music, which means they are specialized in music and have credentials from renowned conservatories and universities. With systematic knowledge of music performance and teaching, BMA teachers understand what our students need and are good at discovering students' potentials.

2.    Provide teaching resources for our teachers regularly

BMA sees our teachers as valuable partners to enhance everyone's music experience. Therefore, a series of teaching resources are provided for the teachers to help them upgrade and polish their teaching skills. The resources include but are not limited to RCM teacher's courses, regular masterclasses, music score database, lectures, academic books, etc.

3.    Create personalized portfolios for our students

All the BMA students learning progress and repertoire are recorded as notes by our teachers. These notes would be a great help for students to check their weekly tasks and organize their repertoire list if they wish to take auditions in the future.

4.    Let the music shine and everyone engages

BMA is not only a music school but also is a loving community where everyone can be a better self. At BMA, besides the music achievements such as getting RCM certificates or competition prizes, everyone has a lot of opportunities to perform online and offline so that their confidence is enhanced. BMA also conducts regular interviews with our students. Students and their families have chances to share their stories of music learning with everyone. 

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Address: Unit #13, 155 East Beaver Creek, Richmond Hill, L4B 2N1


Tel: 647-892-8112 (Text Only)

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