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1-on-1 Instrumental Lessons
(Piano, Violin, Guitar, Ukulele, Bass, Drums)

- Taught by RCM certified and award-winning instructors;

- Suitable for students from 5 years old to adults.
- Quality and thorough instructions to RCM practical exams preparation in all levels;
- Various music genres will be taught based on student's level and interests, including Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Impressionist, Post-Modernist, Jazz, Pop, etc. ;

- Both in-person and online lessons are available.

Our Private Lessons

Bright Start Kids Group Music Education (Age 0 - 6)

- Exclusively designed for preschool students who would like to learn the basic music theory and piano playing ability;

- Provide an introduction to music in a positive and enjoyable atmosphere;
- Contents include singing, music reading, music writing, ear training and piano playing, etc.

RCM Online Theory Class (Level 5 - ARCT)

- Small class size (4~8 students per class), high-quality teaching;

- Suitable for students who want to prepare for RCM Level 8 - 10 theory exams
- Designed for the students who are preparing for exams of Rudiments,
Harmony, Music History, Counterpoint, etc.

Little Violinists Program (Age 6 – 8/9)

- Introduction to violin with an eager, successful and musical disposition;
- Contents include all the fundamental elements of violin playing.

Adult Piano & Violin Group Class

- Small class size (3~4 students per class);
- Relaxing and social environment;
- An excellent opportunity to have a closer connection with your family members who are learning the piano & violin.

Seasonal Activities

- Ear training programs for all levels;

- Recitals for festivals;

- Workshops and seminars...

Contact Us

Address: Unit #13, 155 East Beaver Creek, Richmond Hill, L4B 2N1


Tel: 647-892-8112 (Text Only)

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