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Meet Our Faculty

Nathan Shreve

Bachelor of Music
(Piano, Theory, Composition, Musicianship)

Nathan Shreve is a composer and pianist with an ARCT in Piano Performance and a Bachelor of Music degree from the Juilliard School, where he studied composition with Dr. Melinda Wagner. He has tutored music theory for seven years. For two years, he was an Ear Training Teaching Fellow at the Juilliard School, working with multiple faculty members in the department. He also served as an assistant for graduate level theory classes. Nathan has experience teaching in structured environments where great care is given to each student.

(Language: English)

Xiao Dong 
PhD Candidate in Music 
(Violin, Chamber Music)

Xiao Dong holds her Master's Degree in Violin Performance at Soochow University, and she is pursuing her PhD in Music Education at Western University. Dong Xiao is a well-rounded musician who is proficient in violin teaching and violin virtuosity. Xiao Dong believes that music learning shapes one's life and understanding of society and the world. The contents of her lesson are diverse, from the training of performance fundamentals to listening and respecting the needs of students. Xiao Dong is dedicated to letting students acquire new knowledge in their own way and be able to think independently. Her students are from various countries around the globe and have made a significant impact on their local communities.

(Languages: English, Mandarin)

For more than 25 years, Pianist Vladimir Oppenheim has been teaching piano and chamber music to students of every age and at every level of expertise: young children, teenagers, and mature adults; absolute beginners, highly competent amateurs, and professional performing artists.  Vladimir takes pride in his ability to reach the students' potential and help them grow into mature musicians. His experience in teaching piano in different countries and familiarity with cultures and foreign languages add unusual dimensions to his teaching.


Vladimir believes in teaching students how to analyze what they are doing through an in-depth practicing process, so that they gradually become independent. Taking a student through the long process of development involves also knowing when to hold back information and not overwhelm, as well as developing a supportive and mentoring role as an important figure in the student's life. 

(Languages: English, Russian, Hebrew)

Vladimir Oppenheim

Bachelor of Music


Violin Class

Parnian Aghaiani

Master of Music

(Violin, Viola)

Bernard Szeto 
Master of Arts, ARCT 
(Piano, Theory)

Jimmy Jin
Master of Music
(Composition, Harmony


A seasoned teacher with over twenty years of experience, Bernard Szeto is an in-demand teacher at all levels, including teaching and performance diplomas for RCM and ABRSM.  Comfortable with students of all ages, his students have consistently received First-Class Honours and higher in RCM Examinations as well as various top-3 placements in local competitions throughout the GTA.  Mr. Szeto has also been an Arts Administrator and previously worked at RCM Examinations in the Marketing and Academic departments.  He holds DipABRSM in Piano Performance from the Associated Board in the United Kingdom, an ARCT Diploma in Piano Pedagogy from the RCM, an Honours Bachelor of Arts degree in Arts Management and Music History and Theory from the University of Toronto, as well as a Masters of Arts in Community Music from Wilfrid Laurier University. 


(Languages: English)

Violist Parnian Aghaiani is a passionate and active performer. She began learning the viola at age 11 studying at the Tehran Music Conservatory. She holds a Bachelor of Music from Tehran University of Art, where she graduated in 2018. Parnian is a violist who has had vast performance experience all over venues in Iran. In addition to being an active chamber musician, she has worked with some of the professional Iranian Orchestras and regular player at the Tehran Philharmonic Orchestra and the Iran National Orchestra. As a music teacher, she has experience with the Suzuki & RCM method in teaching viola and violin since 2014. She has taught children as young as five to adults well into advanced age.  She won 2nd prize at the Iran Youth Music competition, in 2016. 
Parnian moved to Canada in the summer of 2019 to pursue a Master’s degree in Music Literature & Performance under supervision of Professor Sharon Wei and Dr. Caitlin Boyle at Western University of Ontario. She is honoured to be a recipient of the Gordon Jeffery Strings and Chamber Music Graduate Award at the time there.

(Languages: English, Persian)

Graduated from the Master of Music program at University of Ottawa, Jimmy Jin is a passionate composer and music theory teacher who works in both Canada and China. He enjoys working in a wide variety of musical genres, from popular to contemporary music. While pursuing his master’s degree, Jimmy worked as a music theory TA at uOttawa for two years. He has also taught private theory and violin lessons to students in both English and Mandarin since 2018. Today, as an enthusiastic and creative teacher, Jimmy’s aim is to work with each student closely, helping them to not only pass the exams, but also to build their interests in music theory.

(Languages: English, Mandarin)

Guitar Lessons

Alla Bokovaya
Bachelor of Music
(Violin, Piano, Musicianship)

Alexei Orechin

Master of Music
(Guitar, Ukulele, Composition)

Nini Wu



Alla holds a Bachelor of Music from Novosibirsk Conservatoire in Russia. She worked as a violinist in the Academic Symphony Orchestra for 20 years and in the Chamber Ensemble as a soloist. She has taught violin to students of all ages and all talent levels for over 20 years in Russia, South Korea and Canada.

All places great emphasis on developing fundamental technical and artistic skills which help her students to achieve great standings at RCM examinations and receive high awards at musical competitions. Also, her students participate in school recitals and festivals.

Alla is an experienced RCM certified violin teacher, she also teaches piano and plays accompaniment with her violin students which is very good for ear training and musical expression. Music theory is also included in her teaching curriculum. Alla passes her knowledge and energy to her students which inspires them to push their talents and think beyond what they thought was their limit.


(Languages: English, Russian)

Nini obtained ARCT Piano Performer Diploma and started teaching piano while studying at the University of Toronto. Having 26 years of experience in piano education, Nini is a strong believer in building a solid foundation of knowledge and techniques while nurturing the development of students' musicality.
Nini is specialized in teaching RCM curriculum for all ages and levels. Her lessons are tailored to bring the best, yet drill on the weaknesses, of each and every one of her students. As Nini's teaching philosophy states, "...lessons are taught in a firm yet accommodating manner, aiming to give confidence and encouragement to students. There are no unattainable goals. When there’s a will, there is a way, and we will ALWAYS find a way."

(Languages: English, Mandarin, Cantonese)

Alexei’s philosophy to teaching music is to use it as a gateway to creative freedom; allowing the aspiring musician to explore and pursue any musical avenue regardless of genre or style. His lessons are rooted in rhythm as the foundation to learning any instrument.
'm i r a g e s', the debut release by Belarusian born guitarist & composer, Alexei Orechin is a musical self-portrait of an artist who brushes the limitless edge of contemporary jazz with chamber and ambient colouring. “A world full of mirrored light and illusion.” It is a showcase album of Orechin’s diverse & shimmering guitar style, exploratory compositions, and pure uninhibited musical expression.
A diverse talent that is reflected in the company he has shared the stage with: Nas, Akae Beka, Rana Mansour, Shad, Yaadcore, Nahre Sol, Sina Bathaie, Tara Kannangara, Andrew Forde, and Núria Andorrá.  He has played in USA, Mexico, Europe, and Russia.  Performances include the TD Toronto Jazz
Festival, Guelph Jazz Festival, Caribana, Irie Music Festival, Tirgan Festival, Manifesto, and Pride Toronto.  His music for film has been featured at TIFF, CFC, NFB and the Warsaw Jewish Film Festival.  He has been featured on CBC, Noisey & Vice, Global News, The Star, Dub Rockers, Huffpost, Afropunk, and Relix magazine.  
2020 also saw the premier of ‘1992 Ambient’, a 45-minute work for chamber orchestra and electronics that is a ‘therapeutic experiment in slowly melting sound and colour; representing the acculturation and restructuring oneself through emigrating from Russia to Canada in 1992’.  This music also marked the completion of a Master’s Degree in Composition from the renowned Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya (ESMUC) in Barcelona.

(Language: English)



Winter He

Bachelor of Music

(Piano, Theory,

Early Childhood Music)

Andrea Scala
Diploma of Arts

(Drums, Composition)

Tung Le  
Bachelor of Music
Bachelor of Education (Honours)
(Guitar, Bass, Drums)

Winter received a Bachelor of Music at McMaster University and obtained a certified teacher certificate in Piano & Theory from the Royal Conservatory of Music. She is a member of the Ontario Registered Music Teacher Association & Early Childhood Music Education Association. She currently is taking Advanced Early Childhood Music Education in the Royal Conservatory of Music. Aside from teaching private piano lessons at all ages and levels, she teaches Kids Group Class for ages 4-6 and theory group class (Rudiments, Harmony & History). She has over 15 years of teaching experience, her students were 100% passing RCM exams, and most of them got above 80%.


(Languages: English, Mandarin, Cantonese)

Born in Italy and based in Toronto, Andrea Scala is a drummer, artist and composer. He showed a natural inclination towards percussive instruments and creative arts since he was a kid. Andrea started from a teen age to work as a live and studio session drummer with various bands and songwriters, gathering several collaborations with established musicians in the field of rock and progressive music. While continuing his musical studies, he toured with pop, alternative, folk and world-music bands. In his career, his fellow colleagues have recognized him as a very versatile drummer and musician. Over the years, Andrea had the opportunity to collaborate with several projects, his concerts and recordings include collaborations with Jeffrey Kollman, Tommy Denander, Ron Thal, Karl Potter, Piccola Orchestra La Viola, Duo + 2 Quartet, etc. In 2017 he made his first travel to North America, extending his visit to New York. There, Andrea found a new inspiration and started working more on his compositions, feeling the need to make a step further in expressing his musical thoughts. In February 2020, he released his debut album as a leader “Coming Back, Leaving Again”, featuring a stellar cast of Italian jazz and pop musicians, as pianist Roberto Tarenzi, bassist Francesco Puglisi, guitarist Nicola Costa. The music is a mix of jazz, experimental and electronic, all well blended through Andrea’s vivid imagination.

(Languages: English, Italian)

Tung Le is a musician with 33 years working in the music industry. At 17 he attended Mohawk College Applied Music program, with jazz guitar as his principle instrument. Tung studied under some of
Canada’s premier musicians including Mike Malone, Reg Schwager, Dave McMurdo and Chris Hunt. He studied guitar with Geoff Young, Joey Goldstein, Mark McCarron and Brian Hughes and many others.

An active performer and teacher since 1990, Tung has a busy schedule teaching, performing and studio works. He has played in many critically acclaimed groups, performs in major concert productions in Canada and the US, jazz and rock festivals, and works in major industry trade shows (NAMM and MIAC).

Tung has an Honors BA in Music Education, OCT certified in top standing from Brock University’s Teacher’s College. He teaches music in elementary schools, guitar for various prestigious music schools throughout Ontario in Toronto/Hamilton areas.

(Languages: English, Vietnamese)


Josephine Wan Chong Ling  
Bachelor of Music
Associate of Arts
(Violin, Chamber Music)

Lingxi Li  
Masters of Music
(Violin, Chamber Music)

Forest Muran
PhD in Musicology
(Theory, History, Composition)

Josephine graduated from the Hong Kong Institution of Education and the University of Newcastle Australia with two degrees in Music. After that Josephine started as a teaching assistant for the renowned violin professor Zhang Shixiang, handling the after-school violin class for children aged around 4 to 10 years old in Sydney Australia.
Josephine has worked as a teacher in several locations, including Hong Kong, Sydney and Beijing in Australia and China. Specializing in ABRSM, Josephine is also the recipient of the Excellence Award in the 2022 International Zhang Violin Pedagogy Competition. She has a lot of valuable experience working with children of different ages, abilities and cultural backgrounds. 
Other than teaching solo violin, Josephine has been passionate about teaching string duets and ensembles. In 2021 she has won the Best Chamber Music Teaching Award at China Youth Music Competition in Beijing. Josephine's knowledge of music is extensive and she hopes to bring concepts to life in creative ways.

(Languages: English, Cantonese, Mandarin)

Violinist and music educator Lingxi Li graduated from The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland with a Master's degree in Music Performance (violin). Currently, she completed her second Master's degree in Music Education at Western University. She has nearly 15 years of teaching and performance experience in the UK, China, Singapore, and Canada. She is a certified Kodály teacher. She provides violin 1-on-1 tutorials, string ensemble coaching, and music theory lessons to students across different levels, with all students passing the ABRSM and RCM exams with distinction or merit. Her students went on to win championships in competitions, including the 2022 Colorado International Music Competition U.S., 2019-2021 HK International Music & Arts Festival, A. Mittag International Music Festival, Inter-school International Performance Challenge HK, Youth Olympic Music Festival, etc. Miss Li was awarded as 'Outstanding Teacher of the Colorado International Music Competition U.S., HK International Music & Arts Festival, A. Mittag International Music Festival.

Miss Li’s teaching style is passionate and humorous. She believes that music can bring people to travel through time and space to resonate with composers and stories. Music can heal people’s minds and spirits, which ascent individuals into a greater depth of internal peace. Music is a lifetime companion.  Meanwhile, music study can help to boost students' resilience, problem-solving skills, understanding capacity, aesthetics, empathy, creativity, team spirit, communication skill,  and responsibility. These abilities have a far-reaching influence on a person’s life. 

(Languages: English, Mandarin)

A composer, musicologist, and music instructor, Forest Muran has been writing music for 17 years and has been teaching theory and composition for 7. With a Bachelor of Music degree from Western University, as well as an MA in Musicology from the same institution, Forest Muran is currently working on a PhD dissertation. Forest also currently assists in teaching music theory and history courses at Western University and has worked with everyone from beginner to advanced students as a music educator in both Alberta and Ontario. Forest believes that music is a vital part of any culture, and that everyone can benefit from furthering our understanding of it, helping us develop both our imagination and the discipline necessary to guide it. Forest is also a classically trained pianist, has composed for film, and has released numerous electronic music albums.

(Language: English)

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